Vihreä eteinen

Vihreä eteinen is a small company that provides various rehabilitation services. We offer occupational therapy and music therapy for clients across the life-span.

We also teach music to people with special needs.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • improving quality of life
  • offering assistance for more independent living
  • improving personal well-being

According to our vision professional and fruitful high-quality therapy leads to a better quality of life.

Our principal values are respecting the client’s authentic self and using client-centered approach.

How to Seek Therapy at Vihreä Eteinen

You can seek therapy with your rehabilitation doctor’s referral or independently by covering the costs by yourself.

Occupational therapy costs can be paid by KELA, The Hospital District of South-West Finland (TYKS), your insurance company, your municipality/town or yourself. Music therapy costs can be paid by KELA, The Hospital District of South-West Finland (TYKS), the municipality’s social or health centre, facility, your insurance company or yourself.

We provide services in Turku and the surrounding area and also distance therapy in Pirkanmaa municipalities. Our premises are situated in Turku city center and are easily accessed by public transport. Free parking can be found nearby and disabled parking is provided by the front door.

Give us a call or send a message and ask more!

What’s New

Occupational Therapist Petra Leino started working in Vihreä eteinen in October. She still has some free appointments for new adult and adolescent clients.

From June 2021 we’ll provide distance occupational therapy in Pirkanmaa and Åland municipalities, and from October 2021 in Kymenlaakso region. You can get distance therapy with service voucher from your municipality (in Pirkanmaa) or from your hospital (in Åland and Kymenlaakso). You can also pay the distance therapy by yourself.

During the corona epidemy, we continue therapies according to the guidelines given by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. For safetyreasons we follow strict protective measures, and we have raised our hygiene standards (cleaning guidelines from Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) in order to protect our clients and therapists. Some therapies can be held as distance therapy. Ask more from your therapist.


Anna Aaltonen

I’m an Occupational therapist (bachelor AMK), Music therapist and Social instructor (bachelor AMK).

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